Soulslings Lali: Cotton baby Carrier

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 The only Soulslings® baby carrier that offers 4 carry positions with a unique ergonomic design that fits babies from newborn to 2 years without too many adjustments! Compact, lightweight and with minimal hardware, Lali is perfect for quick, everyday use.

Front Facing In, Front Facing Out, Hip carry and Back carrying positions.
Effortlessly switch positions with innovative design.
Bulk-free - made mostly of fabric & just 3 buckles.
Adjustable waistband for perfect fit from newborns to toddlerhood.
Removable Chest/back clip for shoulder straps
100% Cotton - breathable, and ideal for all climates.
#happytogether guaranteed (or your money back!)
Newborn to 2 years

Weight 4 to 15 kgs

Height 45 cms onwards

Machine Washable

Breastfeeding friendly

What makes Lali special?

Extremely Lightweight
Weighing under 400 grams, Lali is  Soulslings lightest carrier which is easy to use and compact to carry around.

4 - in 1 carry positions
Offering four carry positions — Front-Facing In, Front-Facing Out, Hip Carry, and Back Carry — it adapts to your preferences and needs.

Customisable from newborn to toddlerhood
Lali s waistband can be easily adjusted to fit newborns upto toddlers with simple velcro settings.

Product Description

Parents carrying their babies in 4 different positions in Lali Baby Carrier.

Carry your baby in All Carry Positions: Inward, Front Outward, Hip & Back Carry in your Lali Baby Carrier

Lali Baby Carrier, comfortable & ergonomic

Nothing but the best for your baby. An all cotton baby carrier with supportive padding in all the right places for both you and your baby's comfort.

Painfree-Hands-free Lali baby carrier

Use a Soulslings Lali Baby Carrier for a hands-free babywearing experience. Holds baby snug and close.

No more hot & sweaty baby!

Extremely lightweight carrier made from 100% breathable cotton fabric.

Grows with your baby
Soulslings trusted by parents from 2014

Soulslings, a brand trusted by parents from 2014 for making the most comfortable and safe Ergonomic Baby Carriers.

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