Kunya Baby Feeding Box

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  • ??Feeding your baby is an essential part of the daily routine, but at times when you may be outdoors or traveling, dealing with cumbersome baby formula canisters and measuring scoops can be extremely inconvenient.
  • ??Kid Formula dispensers allow you to leave your clumsy canisters at home and instead store baby formula powder in small, light-weight portions, making it easy and convenient to feed your baby on the go, often multiple times.
  • ??The dispenser features 3 separate compartments, to carry pre-measured portions of powdered formula (3 feedings) before you step out.
  • ??The dispenser's material is of excellent quality and made out of safe, non-toxic material. It is durable and easy to clean, compact size - does not take too much space in the baby's bag/diaper bag.
  • ??The design of this dispenser makes it multi-functional, allowing you to use it to store formula/powder or use it as a quick snack cup. The divider inside the box allows you to a variety of food without the danger of the contents mixing up.

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