Kidz Valle Vegetables Early Start 2 Piece Puzzles for Age 12 Months and Above

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Kidz Valle Early start Vegetable Puzzle Explore the range of premium Jigsaw Tiling Puzzles which are perfect age appropriate and comes with quality assured by Red Rabbit Games. These puzzles are made of high quality boards, paper and ink which are safe for children. It consists of 6 distinct Puzzles in a box. They are simple 2 piece puzzles that can be your child’s first learning aid.Child has to put the pieces in a logical order to arrive at the solution which are 6 different vegetables. The Colorful , vibrant images excite and motivate the children to finish the puzzle. Ideal for children aged 12 months- 3 yrs , they are early start puzzles and help Improve hand-eye coordination and encourages progressive thought & learning.


About this item

  • Jigsaw Puzzle for Age 12 Months and above any age kids or adults can play
  • 6 x 2 Pieces Early Start 3 Years (Puzzles for Kids, Floor Puzzles) Puzzles for Kids Age 3 Years and Above
  • By doing puzzles it exercises concentration, attention, patience, analysis, planning, memory, aesthetics, and much more. They also give a conscious rest letting the mind rambling among the mess of pieces and suddenly finding a match.
  • Puzzles help to develop Hand-Eye Coordination, Gross Motor Skills, Fine Motor Skills, Cognitive skills, Shape recognition, Memory, Problem-solving, Setting goals, Patience
  • Solving Puzzles can be even seen as a form of meditation as analyzing a puzzle and pondering solutions stimulates and at the same time relaxes the brain.

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