Kidz Valle Seven Houses, Chowka Bara, Kattemane, Ashta Chemma, Chuaka Bara, Ancient India Series, Indian Traditional Board Game, Board Game

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Kidz Valle Ancient India Series Board Game -Seven Houses It is also popularly known as “ Chowka Bhara” , this is one of the oldest board games of India , and has mentions in the Indian epics like Mahabharata. it consists of Seven Houses Board Game, Wooden pawns – 4 colours x 4 each i.e. 16 pawns in total, Brass dice and instruction manual.It is a 2-4 player’s game where the movement of pawns is guided by throw of dice and hence it is a game of chance and strategy. It is an ideal game for children aged 5 years and above. The motive is to get the pawns from start to home on the board by taking down the opponent’s pawn as you move.The game develops strategy skills and tactics among kids. They learn counting and probability as they play the game and are able predict the next move of the opponent players. its made from materials that are eco - friendly in nature and is 100% safe for kids.

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