Johnson's Baby Soap (3+1) Offer Pack

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Size: 100 G
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What If I Told You That The Outer Layer Of Your Baby'S Skin Is Protected By A Natural Antioxidant Film Of Moisturising Oils. If These Oils Are Washed Away, Her Skin Can Become Dry, Irritated, And Susceptible To Rash. Johnson'S Baby Soap Is Enriched With 1/4Th Baby Lotion And Vitamin E, Making It Suitable For Infants. Its Thick, Luxurious Lather Gently Cleanses The Baby'S Skin While Still Keeping It Moist And Supple. It Is A Dermatologist-Tested Medication That Is Free Of Parabens And Phthalates. Johnson'S Baby Soap Now Has A 'Easy Grip' Form That Makes Bath Time More Relaxing.

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