IMC Cry Babies Gigi

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Keypoints 1. INTERACTIVE DOLL: This is Gigi, a cute Cry Babies doll with changeable giraffe themed pyjamas.2. REAL TEARS & BABY SOUNDS: she will start crying like a real baby when you take away her dummy.3. TAKING CARE OF A DOLL: soothe your Cry Baby Gigi by putting the dummy in her mouth or gently laying her down.Discription Meet the Cry Babies Gigi! Cry Babies Gigi is a cute baby doll with interactive play features. She wears a beautiful giraffe pyjamas and she makes real baby sounds and cries real tear when she is filled with water and when you take away her dummy. Put her dummy back in again or she won't stop crying and she’ll cry even louder! You can also soothe her by rocking her gently or lying her down. Girls and boys enjoy playing with Cry Babies dolls, imitating their parent’s behavior. By dressing and caring their dolls, children develop & learn important social and emotional skills, like empathy. Cry Baby doll Gigi comes with an attached dummy and changeable giraffe onesie Doll. Fully articulated head, arms and legs for added play value.. COUNTRY OF ORIGIN:- India. Gender :- UNISEX

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