Hot Wheels Pop Culture Asst 2020 Mix 1

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Adult collectors and gamers all over the world would like to get their hands on the luxury 1:64 scale model collections. Realistic castings, hot decos, and an array of the wheels that aficionados love are featured in exclusive blends that incorporate Automotive Culture, Pop Culture, and Film replicas. This year, there is a new chapter called HW 50th Anniversary Favorites, which celebrates the company's heritage and unwavering dedication to making the best and craziest toy cars and tracks ever. Hot Wheels has grown from a tiny 1:64-scale die-cast vehicle line to a worldwide lifestyle brand devoted to fast action and outrageous stunts! Each car has remained a collector's favourite for decades. Collectors and racing enthusiasts of all ages have long flocked to each car. Featuring painstakingly crafted accurate details and genuine decos to reflect a wide range of amazing vehicles. Muscle cars, luxury cars, racecars, vans, and trending roadsters are all represented in each assortment. Pick your choice and gather them all, or mix and match from various selections to make your own! - item is sold separately and is based on availability. Colors and decorations are subject to adjustment.

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