Hot Wheels Launch Across Challenge

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The Hot Wheels Launch Around Challenge is a new way to play with die-cast cars while still putting your motor skills to the test. This one-of-a-kind package functions as a game for one or two players. Each player shoots their cars at their tiles, tossing them until they have all of their tiles of the same colour as their opponent. If they are close to winning, each driver can switch the booster to alter where their car lands, or they can take a defensive strategy and attempt to land cars on the other player's side to change their tile colours. Players will also use the ramp to launch their car beneath the tiles, enabling them to flip them from underneath.
Features: A gamified Hot Wheels play package with two tracks, two launchers, two ramps, and a variety of game modes! When playing with peers or training for the next round, kids will put their accuracy and ability to the test. The launchers and track pivot, allowing children to shoot at varying angles and turn their opponents' tiles. By launching under the tiles and flipping them all to one colour in one go, kids will flip them all to one colour in one go! 1 Hot Wheels vehicle is included for instant pleasure right out of the pack. 1 or 2 Player Hot Wheels Action Play Set Rate in a number of ways

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