Hot Wheels Blastin Rig Vehicle

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Embark on a journey across the streets of Hot Wheels! With this awesome transporter that includes a built-in, kid-powered rocket, kids can now haul their cars around and take them soaring. With room for up to 14 Hot Wheels vehicles, kids will take their favourite Hot Wheels cars with them everywhere they go! The set comes with three Hot Wheels cars, so the fun will begin right away. A fantastic gift idea for any Hot Wheels fan! - item is distributed individually and is based on availability. Colors and decorations are subject to change. Features: This cool transporter allows kids to transport their cars and race them! A built-in, kid-powered launcher is included. There's enough space for up to 14 Hot Wheels cars. Children are free to drive their favourite cars anywhere they choose! There are three hot items included in this box.The fun begins right away with the inclusion of three Hot Wheels cars. It's a fantastic present! Only current preparation is reflected by the product details and image. We reserve the right to make changes to or discontinue the goods seen at any time without warning. The product material and photos in these sales records are only for the receivers' internal use and can not be used for ads or circulated to anyone.

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