Hot Wheels Action Emc Track Set Ast 2020 Mix 1

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The Champion Track package assortment pits kids against their mates in supreme performance-based cycling, drifting, and stunting play! Kids will put their talents to the test in three different competitions, including a drift track, a drag race, and a difficult hill climb. With a drift circuit, the Drift Master Champion track package puts accuracy to the test. For the first time, kids will fire their cars sideways instead of straight ahead to begin drifting right away. For bonus points, knock down the interchangeable flags! The Dragstrip Champion track collection includes an awesome start gate and a classic drag race.
Features: In this collection of championship games, kids will play with peers in three separate sets! Kids will have everything they need to get racing right away! Orange track, banked curves, side-by-side racing, launchers, and one Hot Wheel vehicle included! With a drift circuit, drag race with start doors, and slam launch uphill race, kids can develop their motor skills. Hot Wheels action sets for kids ages 4 to 10 are really common. Every package comes with a Hot Wheels vehicle and features that will keep kids entertained for hours.

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