Himalaya Gentle Baby Wash

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Size: 400 ML
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Himalaya gentle baby bath is a specially formulated baby wash that gently cleanses and preserves your baby's face. Give your child a reason to look forward to bath time that is both safe and enjoyable. Himalaya herbals baby bath contains the natural goodness of chickpea, fenugreek, and green gramme to soothe and protect the newborn's delicate skin from a variety of skin disorders. This best baby bath wash nourishes your baby's skin by preserving its natural moisture rather than drying it out. Furthermore, the natural ingredients in this Himalaya gentle baby bath make it really healthy for your baby. Simply spill some Himalaya baby bath into your hands and rub it into your baby's skin.Lather it up and rinse it off. The Himalaya baby bath has been thoroughly reviewed for its gentleness, making it perfect for your newborn's first bath. Chickpea's antioxidant properties in this baby wash soothe and protect the child's skin from a variety of skin diseases. Fenugreek has long been used to hydrate and maintain moisture in the blood, making the baby's skin smooth and supple. Green Gram extracts gently exfoliate your baby's skin in this Himalaya herbals gentle baby wash, cleansing it of all impurities and keeping it lustrous. Purchase this Himalaya baby bath for your child and enjoy those giggles with each bath!

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