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Keypoints 1. Pho Pho Phonics has a multisensory device which is fun and interactive. The children can hear out rhymes, sounds of letters and words. In total there are 36 flashcards with re-recordable stickers.2. Introducing phonics in early childhood is crucial for children's pronunciation ability. Learning Pho Pho Phonics helps children to blend and segment words.3. As per research phonics has proven to improve literacy levels. Understanding how to pronounce words takes them to the next stages of language learning,Discription Phonics implies that there is a sound to the letter of a language and the knowledge of the correct sound, helps us in the correct pronunciation of the words. Pho Pho Phonics is both an interactive and non-interactive product which through the use of activities helps the child practice the knowledge of sound to great extent. Additionally, if the SmartPen is used on the flashcards, the sound of letters, words, sentences and all images can also be heard.. India:- India. Gender :-

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