Giggles Duck Parade

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For toddlers who have just begun to walk, a nice companion pull-along toy. Toddlers will be amused by the ducks' activities, which will encourage them to drag the toy further, so indirectly creating a sense of balance while walking and improving motor abilities. The youngster is kept happy and safe by the bright colours and smooth shape. This bird, which lives on both land and water, can be taught to a child by an adult. Manufacturer's statement: Action: The pull-along toy's sit-and-play, walk-and-play characteristics instil the concept of reasoning in the youngster. The youngster is encouraged to pull further and wander further by the mother duck's motion of beating drums and waddling ducklings. Interactive: Toddlers can be taught the fundamentals of assembling, which is simple and straightforward to do. The concept of yanking a toy while walking or putting the toy together while sitting allows the child to play more freely. Contents of the Funskool giggles duck parade box: 1 mother duck with a drum 2 pcs. ducklings 2 pcs. linking rod Age recommendation: For children aged 12 months and up. Please note that the product's colour and content may differ from the illustration. - During the early stages of a child's walking, adult supervision is recommended. Toy is both safe and non-toxic.

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