Funskool Switcheroo - 2015

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Switcheroo is a fast-paced word recall game that will get your creative juices flowing. Players must quickly blurt out words that fit humorous subjects in this innovative card game, but beware: other players' moves may force subject and letter cards to switch at any time.Here’s how to play: 1. Deal out 10 cards to each player, place one subject card and one letter card face up on the table. 2. On your turn, in under 15 seconds, you can either place down from your hand, one of your letter cards to match It with a subject card on the pile (I.Some fun place down S card from your hand and blurt out Sauna to match It with the subject card something that makes you sweat) or you can place down a subject card from your hand that matches with a letter card on the table (I.Some fun place down your something that people cut card and say cheese. As it matches the C letter card on the table). 3. But be careful, you have only 15 seconds before the buzzer sounds and with special cards like switch direction & extra turn, A switcheroo. Can happen anytime. The first person to get rid of all their cards, wins the game.

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