Putchi Foot Spa -Therapy Crystals 4 Pck (Clove,Lavender,Peppermint & Rose Buds)

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Why should you buy putchi pamperd foot therapy crystals?

  • Tough day - foot therapy crystals give a relaxing feel 
  • Natural detox
  • It soothes your feet
  • Relives pain and reduces swelling 
  • Helps to fix odour & Makes your feet smell good
  • Exfoliation
  • Toxin free &100% natural
  • Pregnancy and lactation safe
  • Paraben and  sulphite free
  • Suitable for all skin type & every age group
  • High-Quality ingredients.

Comfort your feet with our luxurious foot soak, a restorative treatment with soothing aromatherapy that can be enjoyed anytime. Natural detox for your heels and skin, this intense volumizing formula encourages healthy circulation and encourages more breathable. A pack contain 4 lavender, rose, clove, pepper mint which makes you refreshing and relieving from stress .

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