Dreamland Atlases Pack (2 Titles)

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This pack contains the following to Atlases

Atlas of India a unique product for students as well as travellers. The book imparts comprehensive information about India its culture, landforms, history, tourist attractions, states and cities of the nation. High quality colourful maps, pictures f places of tourist interest, geographical facts; distance chart supported with simple text in one pact is extremely useful.

Binding: Paper Back
Size: 22cm x 28cm
Pages: 152
Age Group: Above 8 Years


World Atlas the syllabus friendly atlas for children of primary classes. The book introduces primary students to our planet-earth, mapping, facts and figures. The high quality coloured 3-D maps are informative, easy to read and are supported with flags to help children. The book provides valuable information that extends childrenâ„¢s knowledge about geography.

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