Buddsbuddy Dr.Flow Stainless Steel Wide Neck 2 in1 Omega Thermos Feeding Bottle 180ml(blue)

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This bottle is made from high-quality durable 304-grade quality stainless steel. It comes with double anti-colic technology to reduce gas intake during feeding. So, your baby receives only nutrition, nothing else! The feeding nipple is made from long-lasting, medical-grade, ultra-soft silicone, and is breast-shaped for the baby’s smooth tongue movement. The stainless steel material is antibacterial and rust-free. It is easy to clean and sterilize. It is resistant to sterilization and thermal shock. The bottle is designed to enable a natural and smooth switch for the baby from breast to bottle. It comes with a firm, easy and comfortable grip for the baby. The bottle is available in different colours — blue, yellow, orange, aqua and pink.

About this item

  • Stainless steel bottle is absolutely safe and hygienic and 100% BPA free. Designed with light weight model which is handy and ideal for everyday use.
  • Easy to carry and leak proof. It is easier to clean and maintain. It is used for feeding milk with nipple and drinking water with spout to babies
  • The nipple and spout used in this bottle is 100% food grade Silicone. The material used in this nipple is totally safe for the babies to use.
  • Smooth Design with no sharp curves or edges keeping in mind easy and safe cleaning of the bottle. Bottle is of sleek design and is very convenient while handling.
  • Note: Please ensure silicon nipple is fixed properly to the nipple cap and the cap is closed tightly to the bottle to avoid any leakage issues.

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