Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash With Exfoliating Beads For Softer, Smoother Skin With Franceee Loofah, 190 Ml

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Who doesn't want their skin to be smooth? We just want our skin to look safe, nourished, and well-cared for, and having a moisturising body wash makes it much easier to make it a daily part of your routine. Nutrium Moisture is combined with gentle cleansers in this moisturising body wash to help the skin maintain its natural moisture, making it cleaner and clearer. In India, there are 631 million beautiful people. People of all ages, heights, forms, and skin colours are welcome. Nonetheless, we are often guided to believe in a somewhat narrow definition of appearance as a culture. While youthful appearances, light skin, long black flowing hair, and a slender figure are all ways to convey elegance, They aren't the only options.With your support, we will represent India's true diversity in beauty and inspire every woman to reach her full potential in terms of beauty. We will crack the rules and transform the face of beauty if we work together. We don't agree that India's 631 million women can be properly portrayed by a single beauty standard. Our nation is rich in diversity, something we should all be proud of, especially when it comes to beauty. When we asked for your support in highlighting #Real Elegance, we got an amazing response. That, we agree, shows how much we all want to see a broader spectrum of beauty reflected in India.

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