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Spinning Top/ Lattu: Wooden Lattu/Spinning Top One of the oldest toys is the spinning top. The top spins quickly thanks to a string rope coiled around its axis from bottom to top, which sets it in motion when pulled quickly. When the top turns, the colours, forms, and patterns mix together. Each top measures 3"x1.8"x1.8" and is easy to store and carry. This item includes a string or rope. The bottom of the nail isn't really pointed. For the little kids, it's fun to watch, and for the older ones, it's interesting. There are no batteries or electronic components, just old-fashioned know-how and clever design.

Steam Toy Boat/ Putt Putt Nav/Pop POP Boat: Tin is the material that our steam-powered boat is made of. The boat starts moving through the water when a small heat source, such as a torch, is put under the boiler. After the candle has burned out, replace it with a wick and oil in the candle holder and try again. With a length of 5.5", the boat is easy to store and transport. The set includes a tin boat, a wax candle holder, and filler. This toy can astonish kids while also allowing them to learn about the science behind how it works. This classic toy comes from 'Desi Toys'.

Seven Stones/ Lagori: Lagori, also known as seven stones, is one of India's most famous and oldest games. A ball and flat stones/wooden blocks are used in this game, which is played by two teams. One team will attempt to recover the pile of blocks after knocking them down, while the other will try to throw the ball at the opposing team. 7 blocks of decreasing sizes, the largest measuring 8.5x8.5x1.5 and the smallest measuring 3.5x3.5x1.5, make it easy to store and hold. Everyone will enjoy this game because it is full of excitement and fun.

Catapult/ Gulel: A y-shaped frame carried in the off side, with two rubber strips attached to the uprights, makes up this classic Slingshot/Catapult. The strips' other ends attach to a pocket that houses the projectile. To provide strength for the projectile, the dominant hand grasps the pocket and pulls it back to the desired extent. The dimensions of 6.5"x3.5"x0.4" make it simple to store and transport. This Indian toy is a classic fun game that everyone enjoys.

Gili Danda: Gili Danda is one of India's oldest games. The game is played with two sticks, a big one called a danda and a smaller one called a gili, which are used to strike each other. The player balances the gili on a stone in an inclined manner (similar to a see-saw), with one end of the gili hitting the ground and the other end in the air, while standing in a small circle. The player then hits the gili at the raised end with the danda and flips it into the air. The player strikes the gili when it is in the air, trying to reach it as high as possible. After striking the gili, the player must run beyond the circle and hit a pre-determined point before the gili is recovered by an opponent.Another way of playing is once the gili falls, the opponent will measure the length from the centre till the place where the gili falls with the help of the danda and calculates points.. At Desi Toys, we offer you this authentic 'Gili Danda' toy which is hand painted very artistically.

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