CuddlyCoo Natural Play Dough - 4 colours

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What a huge fan of play dough we are!! We are dedicated to providing children with a tech-free open play environment, and play dough is one of the best tools available.

CuddlyCoo play dough is made entirely of natural ingredients. Flour, natural colours, oil, and essential oils are used to ensure a safe and enjoyable play time. Please squeeze and smash it to strengthen your baby's sensory and fine motor skills!

Each package includes four 200g cans of play dough.

Playing with your senses

Guess what it smells like!!

Ask your child what the scent reminds them of: fruity, lemony, or herbal. Can they find similar-smelling items around the house?

Colours! What are these colours? Can you think of anything else that's the similar colour?

Encourage the child to trace the alphabet using the dough. Let them poke it and play with it along the alphabet

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