BUTT BABY CARRIER WITH HIP SEAT COMIC (for 5 months to 3 years or Upto 20 kgs)

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Butt Baby is a seat for your baby. It is a simple baby carrier with just one strap that wraps around your waist and sits above your hips to help you carry your baby more comfortably. This seat is designed to put your baby's hips in the recommended M-shaped position while taking the strain off of your back, arms, and hips. The Butt-Baby offers 6 different carry positions and multiple safety features. It's also designed to store items like diapers, wipes, and other essentials inside. While not in use the Butt Baby-Seat can be folded into a sling and be carried around with ease. The Butt Baby-Seat also has a foldable shopping bag inside, stash in stuff and go hands free!

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