Buddsbuddy Choice+ Glass Baby Feeding Bottle - 125ml(pink)

Sale priceRs. 325.00


This bottle is made from high-quality durable and sturdy borosilicate glass for frequent and longer use. No worry about accidental breakage. Easy to clean and sterilize. Offers a secure grip to the baby. With the volumetric markings, the parent can read the remaining quantity without unlatching the bottle. The feeding nipple is made from long-lasting, medical-grade, ultra-soft silicone. The breast-shaped teat allows smooth tongue movement for the baby. The bottle comes with double anti-colic technology. This system vents minimum air in the baby’s tummy during feeding so that the baby doesn’t experience colic or discomfort. This technology along with the teat makes the baby’s switch from breast to bottle comfortable and simple. This glass bottle is available in 3 colours and 2 sizes.

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