Chicco Natfeeling Manual Breast Pump

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Chicco's Manual Breast Pump has been carefully crafted to allow new mothers to apreciate the unique experience of breastfeeding in the most comfortable and soothing way possible. It allows the mother to easily collect, express, and preserve her milk for her baby while she is not around. Chicco Manual Breast Pump uses 2 Phase Technology to imitate a baby's normal sucking pattern. Phase 1 (Stimulation) massages the mother's breast to get the milk flowing, while Phase 2 (Expression) softly extracts the milk feed. The Ergonomic Handle allows the mother to maintain a safe hold on the pump when collecting milk, making the process less tiring. The breast pump's Extra Soft Silicon Cup softly wraps around the breast with the utmost delicacy. The pumping frequency is similar to the baby's sucking frequency, giving the mother a normal breastfeeding experience. It has a small footprint and is simple to assemble and vacuum.

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