Cetaphil Baby Shampoo, 200 ml

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Contains Shea Blend which helps to cleanse and moisturize even the most dry skin types; Maintains the skin's natural pH balance of 5.5
Dermatologists recommended and allergy tested
Skin type: All skin type
Usage: Apply daily to dry skin as needed

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo with soothing chamomile gently cleanses sensitive scalp without drying. This tear free, pH balanced, hypo-allergenic formula leaves hair soft with a silky shine. Cetaphil Baby Shampoo is free from PAMAS (No Paraben, No Animal Origin ingredients, No Mineral Oil, No Alcohol, No Soap) and is gentle enough for newborn's and baby's hair.

Baby Shampoo


Cetaphil Baby
About Us

Cetaphil Baby is the global skin-care expert with range of products designed for delicate baby’s skin which can be used safely right from day one of birth. Cetaphil Baby is a trusted brand among Doctors and by mothers across the world.

Cet BBY/Cons/ ACA/July2018/09.

Cetaphil Baby Shampoo

Hair Cleansing for Everyday Care!

Cetaphil baby daily lotion contains natural emollients such as sunflower seed oil, soybean oil and a blend of shea butter and glycerin to moisturize and protect your baby's delicate skin. This mineral oil free and hypoallergenic formula hydrates, softens and nourishes.

• No harmful chemicals - pamas free*

• Enriched with natural ingredients

• Dermatologically tested*

• Pediatrician and dermatologist recommended

* As per Clinical Trial No. RD.06.SPR.106110 by Stephens and Associate USA, 2015.

Goodness of Natural Ingredients





Chamomile acts as a soothing agent and emollient.

Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is known for its wound healing effects helping in skin repair. It is a natural soothing and cooling agent.


Glycerin helps in maintaining skin hydration, thereby locking in moisture of the skin.

Key Benefits

gentle cleansing

gentle formula

Goodness of Natural Ingredients

Gentle Cleansing

The naturally nourishing, non-greasy formula absorbs quickly to help moisturize and keep baby`s skin hydrated for up to 24 hours. It thus helps soften skin and improve its texture.

pH Balanced Gentle Formula

The gentle formula helps re-hydrate skin and prevent moisture loss, thus helping skin maintain its natural protective barrier and tolerance to irritation.

Goodness of Natural Ingredients

The hypoallergenic formula is allergy tested to be safe on baby`s skin and pH balanced to be gentle enough for daily use even on a new-born’s delicate skin.

It is non-irritating and non-sensitizing lotion.


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