Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash With Organic Calendula

Sale priceRs. 690.00


Blended with natural ingredients for even skin tone and glow
Dermatologist recommended
Steroid free
Offers antioxidant effect
Formulated with microemulsion luminous technology.
Significant improvement in skin glow, brightening and moisturization within 3 weeks
Suitable for all skin types

Cetaphil Baby Gentle Wash with organic calendula has a rich lathering formula that gently cleanses skin. Its caring formula helps nourish babies’ delicate skin, to support healthy development of the skin. Cetaphil baby is a baby skin care range within Cetaphil offering a range of body washes, shampoo & lotions that provide 5 areas of protection - gentle, soft, hypoallergenic, moisturising, soothing. For bath, pour directly into running water. For baby wash, pour directly onto wash cloth and apply to the body. Rinse with warm water and pat dry.

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