Buddsbuddy Cereal Feeder With Spoon 1Pc 125ml

Sale priceRs. 122.00


BuddsBuddy Cereal Feeder With Spoon is specially designed to give a satisfying cereal feeding experience to your baby. It is an excellent transition from bottle feeding to spoon feeding.

This cereal feeder consists of a feeder along with a removable spoon — both made from food-grade, non-toxic, BPA-free Polypropylene. The feeder allows you to pack the cereal to the spoon in a single squeeze. The spoon has a round and smooth edge. It is designed to fit into your baby’s mouth effortlessly. You could also use this feeder to feed pulpy and semi-solid food. The feeder comes with a protective cap to shield the spoon from germs and dirt. The feeder’s walls have volumetric markings to let you know the quantity of cereal left in the feeder. The feeder is lightweight, enabling single-hand feeding. It is available in attractive colours and is kid-friendly in design. You could choose from yellow, blue or pink.

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