Bygrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Sprouted Moong Dal And Red Rice, Kodo Millet, Foxtail Millet, Little Millet, Pumpkin, Makhana (6-36Months)

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Multi Millet Kichadi for (6-36) Month Old Babies by ByGrandma

Key Features:

For 6 to 36 Month Babies

Quantity 280 G

Shelf Life - 6 months

16 Servings

Sprouted grains

No artificial flavours

100% Natural baby food

No preservatives are used. When an infant is about 6 months old, he or she is still reliant on the mother's milk, however you should substitute with solid foods. This is the perfect moment to expose your baby to ByGrandma's porridge's various flavours. Start with a few spoonfuls and raise your baby's feed if desired, depending on how hungry he or she is. When you're introducing new foods, don't quit breastfeeding. Rice is perhaps the most easily digestible grain. It has a strong carbohydrate content which will help you gain energy and strength. It's also easy to digest yellow moong dal. It also contains a lot of calcium, vitamins, and minerals. This strengthens and supports the immune system. This stimulates the immune system and safeguards the liver. A baby's appetite is also increased by the mixture of rice and moong dal.

Easy to digest

Builds immunity

Protects the liver

Care Instructions : It should be kept dry and cold. Avoid direct sunshine for extended periods of time. Before cooking the baby food, wash your hands. Changes of colour due to external air and in are common since the substance is raw.

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