Bygrandma Baby Porridge Mix - Soya And Wheat With Almonds & Sunflower Seads (6-36Months)

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Grandma's Sprouting Cereal, Soya, and Wheat with Almonds and Sunflower Seeds (6-36 months)

Key Features:


No added preservatives

Home made

Easy to prepare

Food that is suitable for travel When an infant is about 6 months old, he or she is still reliant on the mother's milk, however you should substitute with solid foods. This is the perfect moment to expose your baby to ByGrandma's porridge's various flavours. Start with a few spoonfuls and raise your baby's feed if desired, depending on how hungry he or she is. When you're introducing new foods, don't quit breastfeeding. The simplest grains to ingest are potentially rice and split wheat. Both grains are rich in carbohydrate and can help you gain more endurance and energy. Wheat also supplies the required quantities of phosphorus, copper, and magnesium for the baby's physical and mental growth. Roasted gramme, on the other hand, is high in proteins and essential minerals like iron. This strengthens the baby's muscles, improves his or her immunity, and raises his or her RBC count. It also aids in the weight gain of infants. This easy-to-digest porridge will also help relax a rumbling stomach.

Aids in digestion

Builds stronger bones

Prevents anaemia

Improves heart health

Boosts energy levels Breastfeeding mothers should feed their babies this porridge to help boost milk production. It also alleviates fatigue and boosts performance levels. To taste, adults should add 5-6 roasted cumin seeds.

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