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Introducing "Guess Who Am I - Riddle Cards," the perfect educational tool for young minds! Our captivating and thought-provoking "Who Am I??" Riddle Cards, a delightful addition to our vast range of educational supplies. Unleash your childs' curiosity and critical thinking skills with this captivating game! . These captivating and visually appealing cards will engage children in a fun and interactive learning experience. With a box of these riddle cards in front of them, your little ones will embark on a journey of discovery and critical thinking. Each card features a thought-provoking riddle, challenging kids to guess the answer and expand their knowledge. These cards are designed to enhance cognitive skills, promote problem-solving abilities, and encourage social interaction. Let your children explore the world of riddles with Guess Who Am I - Riddle Cards, an educational gem that guarantees hours of entertainment while fostering intellectual growth!

Who Am I ?? are riddle pack which are super fun and engaging.

These riddle cards would make your little one think harder and you never know it can be challenging for parents/guardians too.

Inclusions : Deck of 30 cards

Age Group : 3-99 yrs
Size : 2.6 * 7* 3inches
Laminated : Yes
Reusable : Yes
Shipping Timeline - dispatch in 4-5 working days
Ships from Haryana, Gurugram
Country of origin India

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