Bumberry Adjustable Reusable Cloth Pocket Diaper With 1 Three-Layer Microfiber Inserts For Babies (3-36 Months)

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One size reusable pocket type diaper (adjusts small-medium-large in the same diaper) with one microfiber insert. The baby will sit on a wet-free microfleece fabric that stays dry and allow the urine to fully get absorbed into the four layer insert kept inside the pocket. If we buy a Bumberry for a new born, then it could be used by adjusting the size as the baby grow up. Will last till the baby crosses 3 years of age. Preferred by mothers mostly as an excellent night - time diapering option for babies from 6 months to 3 years age. Once the baby starts walking, the pocket diaper could be used as an any-time functional diaper.

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