Winmagic Bubble Magic Fan Bubs Peppa Pig

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DIP, WAVE AND PLAY: Playing with Bubbles just got a lot more fun! Includes Peppa Pig Fan Bub, super long-lasting Bubble Solution and a convenient Dipping Tray. Just dip into the bubble solution and wave and play with bubbles all around. Fan bubs is a super fun take on traditional handfans that blow bubbles. Isn’t that cool? PEPPA PIG THEME: This edition of the Bubble Magic Fan Bubs takes bubble blowing to the next level! Enter the iconic Peppa Pig universe with this cute Peppa Pig Fan Bub and never get bored of blowing bubbles ever again. ENGAGING AND FUN: Enjoy endless bubble fun and keep the kids engaged for hours with this Fan Bub! An inexpensive and fuss-free activity that all kids will love! Bring it with you to the lawn, park, playground or garden and wave bubbles wherever you want. OUTDOOR FUN: Whether it is a birthday party, family gathering, beach vacation or pool party, let this Peppa Pig Fan Bub become a big hit amongst everyone, both young and old! Create joy, laughter and keep everyone entertained with some lovely bubbles! SAFE FOR KIDS: Don’t we all love Bubbles! Premium quality fans Specially designed for young kids and toddlers are completely safe for children. However, be careful that the bubble solution doesn’t enter the mouth or eyes. For ages 3 and up

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