Winmagic Bubble Magic Bubble Blaster

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5000 BUBBLES IN 5 MINUTES: The ultimate bubble toy is here to level up your bubble blowing game! Includes a unique turbo-powered Bubble Blaster and super long-lasting Bubble Solution (60ml) for safe and easy bubble fun. NO DIPPING. NO MESSY SPILLS: The Bubble Blaster works mechanically using Turbo Friction Technology and needs no batteries! And it’s super easy to use as well. Simply attach the solution bottle to the Blaster and pull on the trigger to make streams of endless bubbles. ENGAGING AND FUN: Enjoy exciting bubble fun and keep the kids engaged for hours with this Bubble Blaster! An inexpensive and fuss-free activity that all kids will love. Bring it with you to the lawn, park, playground or garden and stream bubbles wherever you want. OUTDOOR ENJOYMENT: Whether it is a birthday party, family gathering, beach vacation or pool party, let this amazing Bubble Blaster become a big hit amongst everyone, both young and old! Create joy, laughter and keep everyone entertained with some lovely bubbles! SAFE FOR KIDS: We all know kids love bubbles! Specially designed for young kids and toddlers, the Bubble Magic Bubble Blaster is made of premium quality materials and is completely safe for children. The small, lightweight design allows kids to carry it around with ease while chasing bubbles in the air.

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