BeeBaby Nurture Bambu Silicone Baby Feeding Spoons. 100% BPA Free Silicone Tip Weaning Spoons for kids & toddlers. (6 months+, Blue)

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Our Wooden and silicone tip spoons are odorless and tasteless, heat-resistant, and freezer-safe. Wooden and silicone allows you to feed your child without exposure to chemicals that leech into food from plastic baby utensils. Our Spoons have Long, Chunky Handles, and Wider scoop allowing for baby-led weaning. Also, spoons are lightweight and stain-resistant. 100% food grade materials. 100% Plastic Free. No harsh chemicals or dyes are used to produce them. Which means 100% BPA-free and other harsh chemicals. These baby spoons feature soft silicone tips that are designed to be gentle on your baby's delicate gums. The softness of the silicone tips is perfectly suited to your baby's early stages of eating.

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