BeeBaby Mash & Feed Baby Food Grinding Cum Feeding Bowl for Baby Weaning Food Preparation. 100% BPA-FREE. Blue.

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Nutrition plays a crucial role in the overall health and development of a baby. Adequate and balanced nutrition is essential during the early stages of life as it has a profound impact on physical growth and overall well-being of your child. The BeeBaby Mash Bowl with Handle helps you prepare fresh & healthy food for your baby from your home. It helps with a comfrotable feeding experience for your growing child. The built- in mashing surface or masher makes it convenient for parents to mash soft foods like fruits or steamed vegetables in the bowl itself. Non- Slip Base: The BeeBaby Mash Bowl comes with a non-slip and sturdy base to prevent it from slipping or tipping over while your child is feeding from it. This helps to add stability and reduces the chances of messes during your baby's mealtime. Food Grade Material: The BeeBaby Mash Bowl is made up of 100% Food Grade baby safe material. Size & Capacity: The size of the bowl is appropriate for a baby's portion size. It includes a food masher for pureeing foods to an ideal consistency as per your infants' eating habits.

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