Bebe Burp Grandma's Super Puffs Ragi Masala Pack of 4 - 35 gms each

Sale priceRs. 236.00


Bebe Burp Ragi Masala Masti Puffs delivers excellent nutritional value to your baby. It contains a high amount of protein and fiber, which is good for your baby’s health. As it is a nutrition-dense item, it can offer a high amount of energy.Ragi is super-easy to digest and is free of gluten. Because it is non-glutinous and non-acidic, it can be easily digested by your infant. Ragi contains a high amount of calcium which no other cereal can provide. It is also rich in Vitamin D. An infant requires sufficient nutrition to strengthen their bones and muscles, and Ragi flour for babies can serve the purpose. The presence of natural calcium makes it easy for your baby to digest.

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