Bdiapers Hybrid Diaper Cover With Diposable Inserts (Pack Of 15) Fireworks

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Bdiaper is the only hybrid cloth diaper available in India that can accommodate both reusable and removable inserts. With a fabric shell and a detachable bag, these act as a two-part device. The fabric shells are made of soft cotton materials that are both cosy and fashionable. The pouches that contain the removable inserts are waterproof yet leak-proof, and after many washes, they do not break. Velcro secures the pouch to the socks. There are 15 chemical-free removable inserts used. For optimum absorbency, our inserts are removable pads that fit within the covers.These are made of non-toxic, bleach-free plant-based material, which makes them naturally antibacterial and gentler on a baby's fragile skin. Since the inserts are free of dioxins, fragrances, and dyes, they are hypoallergenic. Each insert is a diaper in and of itself, and depending on the baby's age, can last anywhere from 3 to 4 hours without leaking. Double inserts should be used for nighttime diapering and heavy wetters. Additional inserts are available for order on our website. Washable Bdiaper reusable inserts are also available separately.

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