Rorosaur Baby Puree, Rice, Moong, Toor daal, Vegetables with Ghee , Instant healthy food, No Salt, No Sugar, Made with natural grains,100 g each

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The Roro’s take on Khichdi, Rorosaur’s Rice-o-Lentils baby puree is Khichdi in puree form, minus the salt. With the richness of ghee and rice, balanced by tomatoes and peas, this baby food is a fine choice for your khichdi loving toddler. P.S: If your baby is used to salts already, adding a pinch of salt to the baby puree is recommended. Filled with Folate, Iron, Vitamin C, & Vitamin B6, introduce your baby to our favourite national dish ‘khichdi’.
• Rice: Rice treats diarrhoea and soothes eczema. Weaning friendly days call for rice as a healthy and filling source of carbohydrate.
• Tomato: High in vitamin C and provitamin A, Tomatoes are a juicy choice for weaning food. Go a little tangy with baby food for ample hydration and strength.
• Green Peas: With vitamin C, K, folate and fibre, peas pack a nutritious punch. For healthy eyes, bones and brains, green peas provide amazing results when fed regularly.
• Green Gram Beans: With high protein and iron content, Green Gram Beans aids blood circulation. The essential fatty acids in this weaning food help develop your baby's brain. Roro recommends Green Gram Beans for wondrous growth of hair, skin, and nails.
• Pigeon Pea: Pigeon Pea has antimicrobial properties and kills intestinal worms. It promotes healthy organ development and ensures a well-protected liver.
• Ghee: Vitamin A, D, E and K, in ghee, helps boost brain and heart health. For an active baby, weaning foods inclusive of ghee, can help improve metabolism.
• Asafoetida: Asafoetida is known to possess potent anti-bacterial properties which regulate the imbalances in the stomach lining thus providing relief from gas and acidity.
• Pepper: An essential spicy edge to baby food, pepper is a versatile ingredient that helps with digestion, relieves cold and cough, fights against infections, boosts immune system, purifies blood and treats gastrointestinal problems.

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