Rorosaur Baby Food, Puree with Ragi, Wheat, Banana, Milk | Instant healthy food | No added sugar, No added salts, Made with natural grains |100 g each

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Giving the traditional porridge a wheat and banana twist with this immunity-boosting baby puree, Rorosaur’s Wheat-y Ragi baby puree is rich with immunity-boosting properties, prevents constipation, soothes the nervous system, and boosts brain and heart health. It is a yummy delicacy for the babies that offers the sweet after taste of bananas, the pleasant smoothness of ghee, a hint of mild cardamom notes, making your baby slurp off this Wheat-Y Ragi baby puree! Rorosaur’s Wheat-Y Ragi baby puree is rich in Folate (44%), Iron (16%) and Vitamin B6 (17%).

• Wheat - Wheat is an amazing energy source that prevents constipation and cavities and helps improve blood purification and blood circulation in gums. It is one of the best weaning foods you can choose for your baby.
• Ragi - Ragi is a strong contender in baby foods and is consumed for its micronutrients. It contains Calcium, Fibre and Vitamin D with antimicrobial and immunity boosting properties. For strong muscles and chubby cheeks, Ragi is your best friend!
• Banana - Bananas are an ideal weaning food packed with carbohydrates and essential nutrients that support the nervous system, skin health, iron absorption and blood pressure.
• Ghee - Vitamin A, D, E and K, in ghee, helps boost brain and heart health. For an active baby, weaning foods inclusive of ghee, can help improve metabolism.
• Cardamom - Cardamom has a soothing effect on your baby's nervous system and helps them sleep peacefully.
• Skim Milk Powder - This is the perfect source for bone-building nutrients. It boosts up the amount of energy our young Roros require at such a prime developmental stage.

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