Winmagic 8” Singing Grandma Shark

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Meet our soft and cuddly, collectible Singing Shark Family plush dolls! Squeeze Grandpa Shark's tummy to hear the Baby Shark song, the global sensation with over 9 billion views! Collect all 5 of your favorite characters: Baby Shark, Mommy Shark, Daddy Shark, Grandma Shark and Grandpa Shark

Baby Shark Plush Singing Plush Toy 8 Inch Grandma Shark for The Kids of 1 Year and Above

baby shark

Baby Shark singing toy, the best you can get

There is not enough time enjoying with kids. This little shark can bring your kid a great time and let your kid smile at night, even when you are asleep. This musical toy is a good gift for kids of various ages and the non-toxic material is safe for kids chewing. It is easy to use, just press the belly of the toy, and then it will sing baby shark songs accompanied by sound effects. The baby shark will shine when singing, which makes it an ideal night toy for kids in kindergarten. and also a lovely decoration for your room.

You see, you can use our Perfect Shark to delight your children for endless hours of fun. Let it sing baby shark songs to develop your child's interest in music from a young age. Let their imagination run wild as they embrace their sea-life persona while they cuddle with this cutest and softest plush toy ever!!.

Get Endless Hours of Fun!!

baby shark

With these Amazing Singing Shark Toy

We have a wide range of Baby Shark Singing & Dancing Toys like 3", 8", 12" & 18". Music to your ears! Baby Shark Dance & Sing Toys Dance and sing along to your children's favorite song, Baby Shark!. Let your little ones play with Baby Shark and their family members like Mommy, Daddy, Grandma, Grandpa as they dance and sing their way into your children's hearts. This is a fun and entertaining toy that teaches your kids about colors, counting, and patterns. Made of high-quality materials with non-toxic paints, this is one gift you must get for your little ones.

baby shark

Pinkfong Baby Shark Plush Singing Plush Toy 8 Inch for The Kids of 1 Year and Above, White

Super Soft plush to cuddle and sing along : When you press the shark’s stomach, you will hear the baby shark singing songs. These plush toys are made with a special fabric that allows you to cuddle and sing them. They love to snuggle in your arms or on your bed.

The perfect musical toy: Play super popular little shark songs! Our little shark will sing and shine, giving you and your children a happy enjoyment. Squeeze the tummy and sing along to the iconic Baby Shark song!

The Baby Shark Plush Singing Toys that makes your baby love it through song, allow them to dance and enjoy with the doll baby. The child naturally coordinate their eyes, hands and feet, releases their curiosity, play music and rhythm in coordination.

Perfect size: The 8 inch baby shark is the ideal size for children to squeeze, hug and carry with them. You can also stuff them into your school bag and have fun on the go! Long-life replaceable Batteries are included.

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