Kidz Valle Paramapadam, Paramapada Sopanam, Snakes & Ladders, Haavu Eni Aata , Moksha Pata, Indian Traditional Board Game

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Snakes & Ladders, Haavu Eni Aata, Moksha Pata, Kidz Valle Paramapadam, Paramapada Sopanam, Snakes & Ladders, Haavu Eni Aata, Moksha Pata, Indian Traditional Board Game.

Product Description


  • Parama Padam Board Game, (Ancient), Vaikuntapali / Moksha Pata, Paramapadham game
  • Material: Wooden Pawns, Brass Dice & Hard Board
  • Product Size: Big
  • Age Recommendation: 5+ Years. Parental guidance will be recommended to instruct and teach the concepts.
  • Features: This board game is creatively made and can perfectly used as birthday gift for kids.
  • Benefits: Teaches value system to kids in a simple yet effective way. Is easy to store and not heavy to carry. The dice and board have an old world charm that adds an aesthetic
  • Value to the board. These are hand crafted by artisans from Karnataka.
  • Origin: Made in India


Snakes & Ladders

Play and Learn

This activity-based paramapadham game can played with entire family helps children discern

between good and bad in an easy way. The good gives them a ladder, the bad lands them on a

snake. This is an easy way of value education for kids. Since they will experience ups and downs

in the game, it’s an easy to nurture the spirit of optimism and never say die attitude. In

addition, this is an easy way to introduce numbers 1 to 100 to kids. For adults too, it’s a good

way to relive your childhood.

Ancient India

Old world charm:

The game which includes the board, the counters and dice, are handcrafted by artisans in

wood, has an old world charm that will take you back in time. It is so aesthetically designed that

if left open too will hardly look a mess, but in fact add some ethnic charm.

Snakes & Ladders

Silk to pack:

Don’t worry about losing the dice and game pieces. A cute little silk bag with a lovely tassel will

keep these safe. It’s so beautiful, it stands out and so losing it is out of question.

Snakes & Ladders

How to Play Parmapadam:

Roll the dice On getting XX – start the game. Else wait till you get it. Move up the board according to the number you get. Look which square brings you down and what takes you up.

(details of the game in the pack)

Snakes & Ladders

Ideal for Gifting:

Confused what to gift children? Shop online for the Paramapdam board game is the best gift for

children. With a lovely packaging and easy to understand rules, this game can be gifted to

children as young as age 4.

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