Nesta Toys Wooden Doctor Gift Set for Kids | Pretend Play Medical Kit with Puzzles (3+ Years)

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With the doctor role-play set, children can engage in imaginative play, pretending to be doctors, nurses, or caregivers, which enhances their creativity and storytelling abilities. The set includes a variety of medical instruments, human anatomy & brain anatomy pieces, allowing children to learn about these concepts in a playful and engaging way.

What You Will Get?

18 Piece Doctor Role Play Set (? 2,599): The wooden doctor playset includes a canvas with a Stethoscope, Blood Pressure Meter, Ointment, CT Display, Medicine Tank, Pills, 4 Inspection Tools, Dental mold, Dental Floss, Pliers, Syringe, Scorpion, Toothbrush and Hammer.
Human Body Birch Ply Puzzle (? 1,499): The upper layer shows the body of a boy, and underneath there are two layers of inner organs. The wooden puzzle demonstrates how various bodily systems and particular organs are interconnected, which is an enormous help in acquainting the little ones with their bodies.
Human Brain Anatomy Puzzle | DIY Coloring Activity (? 599): Our puzzle offers an interactive and hands-on learning experience for children, allowing them to explore the complexity of the human brain in a fun and engaging manner. The wooden pieces can be decorated and painted according to a child's liking.

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