Nesta Toys Sensory Wooden Toy Set (6 Pcs)

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Sensory Wooden Toy Set encourages processing and organizing sensory information from multiple senses such as touch, taste, sight, sound, smell, movement, and body awareness. These toys help kids to perform routine sensory-motor skill tasks and participate in common daily activities by playing with them. Sensory fidget and wooden toys are very popular sensory integration products. These wooden set toys are one of the best options to develop the sensory needs in kids.

Sensory Wooden Toy: This toy contains wooden tongs, spoons, wooden scoops, and a wooden cup. Kids can do scooping, pouring, filling, dumping, kneading, filling, measuring using their own imagination. Sensory bin tool toys are additions to the sensory bins that are designed to enhance the experience for the child in a better way. These tool toys provide an educational element and help to enhance fine motor skills. Also, there is no one right way to play with such toys. Kids can explore, create, imagine, and play in whatever way they want. These are designed well to fit perfect for kids' hands.

Development of Skills: Sensory Wooden Toy Set encourages visual processing and sensory stimulation in kids. It is open-ended fun and learning toolset for kids aged 1+ years. Even kids can play with their hands and sense each tool effectively. It supports sensory integration and increases gross motor skill development. These toys also engage kids with ADHD, sensory integration disorder, and autism. These sensory toys lead a toddler to stay focused and activate their brain to increase kids' attention span.

Material And Safety: Premium Quality Beech Wood

All the tools are made up of high-quality wood making them easy to handle by toddlers. The toolset is lightweight and convenient for kids to use without the supervision of their elders.

These NESTA toys can be considered as a perfect gift for birthdays, festivals, etc. Kids can play with these wooden sensory toys for years and then pass them on to their friends and siblings as these are very much durable!

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