Nesta Toys Bread Pop-up Toaster Toy | Wooden Kitchen Toy (Red)

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The wooden bread Pop-up Toaster toy consists of a modern bread machine and slices of bread, and a wooden knife that adds to the morning breakfast bread-making experience of the child. All components of the set are made of premium quality wood polished and softened to fit into a child’s tender hands.

Bread Maker Set: The wooden bread machine set is equipped with great simulation accessories that include a bread machine, slices of bread, jam bottles, butter, butter knife, and serving trays. Pretend Play Kitchen Bread Machine Set has a bread-making machine where your kid can pretend to make bread. Once the bread is made, they can toast them in the toaster and apply jam or butter to it. They can serve it with joy to their friends or pretend to eat it themselves.
Learn Through Play: The wooden bread machine set helps children engage in a real-life experience that boosts their creative and imaginative power. It encourages budding minds to brush up their motor skills and involve themselves in a play that brings happiness and excitement. Pretend play enhances child’s hands-on ability and prepare them to face real-life situations in the future.
Quality: The wooden bread machine set is crafted out of high-quality wood and smooth surfaces where the children can play without worry.
Product Size: 14×9.5×6 (Size of Pop-up Toaster).
Recommended Age: 3+ Years

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