Pigeon Bottle & Food Warmer

Sale priceRs. 3,999.00


Suitable for all nursing bottles and milk storage bags. Easy to clean and easy to use and is bpa free.

  • Pigeon Bottle & Food Warmer rapidly heats up in 3 minutes
  • Pigeon Bottle & Food Warmer uses advanced heating technology that enables instant heating, maintenance of desired temperature and automatic heating
  • Pigeon Bottle & Food Warmer fits all bottle sizes and is suitable for warming milk and baby food
  • Safe for baby as the heating cup, cover and warmer do not contain harmful plastic or chemical.
  • Easy to handle, wash and carry

Best suitable for all bottles and milk storage bags.

3 heating modes to satisfy different needs.

Easily to use at night.

Pigeon promotes baby’s healthy growth and the happiness of mother and family through advanced research and development innovation. For over a half-century since our establishment, Pigeon has worked tirelessly to develop beneficial maternity and baby care products for easy, enjoyable use. Our expertise and dedication to progress are always at your service.

Pigeon Steam Sterilizer, with it's user-friendly open-concept heating plate, allows you to remove built-up deposits easily. No chemicals are required to effectively clean the sterilizer; only easy and natural cleaning methods need be used.

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