Pigeon Style Go Mini Electric Breast Pump Single

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Pigeon style products are designed to move with you.Conceptualize to be on trend and simple to use,Go Mini electric breast pump suits the everyday needs of modern,breastfeeding mums.Go mini with your breastfeeding lifestyle.

Pigeon celebrate babies the way they are

Pigeon GoMini Electric Pump


Pigeon GoMini Electric Breast Pump


  • Pump Body + motor pump unit
  • Funnel x2
  • Bottle Stand/Cover x2
  • Tube Connector x2
  • Wide-neck Adapter x2
  • Lid, cap and hood (x2 ea)
  • Sealing Disc, bottle (x2 ea)
  • Tube, Inner Cup (x2 ea)
  • Milk Valves, nipple (x2 ea)
  • Power Adapter, USB Cable


Pigeon GoMini Electric Breast Pump

A design with a simple philosophy of 'There's no Stopping Mums', GoMini Electric Breast Pump is designed to help breastfeeding mums, especially working mums to achieve a successful breastfeeding journey seamlessly.

Our smallest and lightest breast pump yet, its designed to support breastfeeding mothers and their dynamic lifestyles.



Power bank desk use



  • As light as 8 strawberries
  • Sleekly fit into bags like any lunch box
  • Small, light motor pump unit unlike other breast pumps
  • Compact and portable




  • Ergonomic with slim shape and soft contour
  • Control buttons positioned for intuitive one-hand use
  • Pump body prevents backflow
  • Tube holder orientation increases accessibility




  • Suitable for both desk and handheld use with anti-slip feature
  • Pump with AC adaptor or power bank
  • Choice of single or double expression mode
  • 5 levels of suction strength for different needs and preferences


Design Awards and Accolades

reddot design award

Good Design Award

Singapore Good Design Award

GoMini Desk

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