Farlin Ele Cube Electric and Manual Breast Pump, Pink

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Farlin's Ele Cube Breast Pump is ideal for all moms. However, it has been specially designed keeping the requirement of working woman in mind. It is the 1st breast pump launched in India which can be used electrically as well as manually & also offers USB charging support. This breast pump is designed in a unique way which enables it to massage your breasts gently before it begins expressing the milk. You will also get a nipple & top cover, 2 air valves as well as 2 disposable breast pads absolutely free along with the pump. It is easy, simple and convenient to use. BPA free elegant and multi-functional breast pump. Farlin's breast pump is light and easy to carry. Ele cube's memory function adjusts to the most comfortable rhythm each time you turn it on. Benefits - You can easily switch modes i.e. from manual to electric and electric to manual. Air system prevents milk from flowing back into the tube and the pump motor. The unique silicone diaphragm is impermeable in both directions. It can separate the milk and air and thereby avert motor and tube pollution. You can insert the USB in the power bank if there is no electricity

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