TummyFriendly Foods Certified Organic Multi-Grain, 100% Organic Sprouted Ragi, Oats, Red Lentil, Banana and 100% Organic Sathu Maavu Porridge Mixes,200g Each, 3Packs Cereal (600 g, Pack of 3)

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Certified Organic Sathu Maavu, Organic Sprouted Ragi, Almond, Oats, Sweet Potato Porridge Mixes | Rich in Calcium, Iron, Fibre & Micro-Nutrients ,200g Each, 3Packs Avialble in Trial Baby Packs too ? Certified Organic Sprouted Sathu Maavu (Multi-Grain Cereal) Porridge Mix 200g Made of Sprouted Ragi, Whole Grains, Pulses & Nuts | Rich in Protein & healthy-Fat Why Sprouting Because, when sprouted the grains & pulses germinate into Baby plants with the nutritional capacity to grow into big plants. Sprouting reduces the anti-nutrients and multiplies the nutritional content of the food. At TummyFriendly Foods, we are committed to provide the maximum possible nutrition from Real-Food with 18 nutrient-rich sprouted whole grains, pulses, vegetables, fruits and nuts. The germination process in Wheat is known to multiply Wheat-Germ, a concentrated super-dose of nutrition with loads of essential nutrients. Wheat-Germ is a Super-Food, supports the immune system and reduces inflammation. Oats are famous for Beta-Glucan, a soluble fibre that promotes heart health and healthy gut bacteria. Rich in Dietary-Fibre which keeps the little tummy happy and healthy. -Organic & India-Organic Certified. Certified Organic Food For Little Ones 9 month Shelf-Life No Sugar, No Salt, No Chemicals, No Pesticides, No GMO, No extracts and No Unhealthy Ingredients. Only Real Food!

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